African Professionalisation Initiative

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API progresses to in country implementation

The objective of API is to realise an African public sector capacitated by competent, influential and ethical accountancy professionals who support good finance governance towards realisation of accountability and transparency in the use of public resources. This outcome will accelerate realisation of the AU agenda 2063 and Africa Free Continental Trade Area dreams that ultimately depend on accountable and credible public sector budget spending.

African Professionalisation Initiative Promotional Video

The API has commenced country engagements to onboard learners across the African continent. More recently, Botswana is moving forward towards on boarding government accountancy and finance staff (learners) and would be an early beneficiary of this timely, high quality, affordable and most accessible government accountancy staff capacity development program in Africa. Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) leadership and staff are playing a key role in this regard.

We are engaging stakeholders in the following countries (to realise the milestone of achieving the Africa We Want through greater accountability for public resources): Ethiopia, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Eswatini, Kenya, Angola.

We have just completed a study that will inform our contextualisation of API in Francophone Africa (That was preceded by the 3rd PFM Conference for French Speaking Countries ) and we are working with our API partner, CREFIAF to ensure successful role out in Francophone Africa as well.

You can learn more about why governments should take advantage of the African Professionalisation Initiative.