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Welcome to PAFA's latest news articles from the accountancy profession around Africa and beyond. 

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Victoria Falls City Council Mayor Councillor Somveli Dlamini
4 July 2022

PAFA's first CSR initiative at Rose of Charity, Victoria Falls

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Black professional carrying files
22 June 2022

State of the Profession in Africa

African accountancy profession is broadly optimistic about the economic future

#Stateofprofession report presents a compelling and unique picture of the accountancy and finance ecosystem in Africa.

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Mars sector 6 Ig UR1i X0mq M unsplash
30 May 2022

Ethical behaviour – an essential pillar for successful professionals

Organisations with strong governance provide discipline and structure; instill ethical values in employees and train them in the proper procedures; and exhibit behavior at the board and executive levels that the rest of the organisation emulates.

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African Professionalisation Initiative
20 April 2022

API progresses to in country implementation

The objective of API is to realise an African public sector capacitated by competent, influential and ethical accountancy professionals who support good finance governance towards realisation of accountability and transparency in the use of public resources.

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